• 11-10-2019

    How to wear headphones without damaging your ear?

    An international study conducted found that 51% of the high school students have experienced hearing damage due to overexposure to loud music and over usage of headphones.

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  • 26-09-2019

    Do people lose hearing as they age?

    From closely observing our parents and grandparents, many of us can come to the conclusion that the tendency and probability of hearing loss progresses with one’s age.

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  • 24-09-2019

    How early and effective treatment can make a difference?

    When people hear the words “early detection” they think it means screening at a young age, but hearing loss is a condition that can strike at any age.

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  • 13-09-2019

    Top 5 facts about tinnitus that you should know.

    WHAT IS TINNITUS? Tinnitus is an ear problem which causes a ringing sensation in the ears. Tinnitus can be a temporary or permanent condition, depending upon the cause.

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  • 06-09-2019

    Why you need to upgrade your hearing aid today?

    With latest advancements in hearing technology, one can always opt for a better hearing device that fulfils the criteria of comfort and clarity.

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