Phone Clip

Phone clip is a device which is directly connected to the phone and the Hearing Aid. They are the hands-free devices for streaming and adjusting high-quality sound which directly connects and streams the sound from mobile phone to Hearing Aids. These are customised devices which are designed for convenience and better control of Hearing Aids. It has an inbuilt microphone to stream the phone calls, music, audio directly to the Hearing Aids. Phone clips will ensure an easy and comfortable life with Hearing Aids.

    • Compatible with any mobile phone
    • Battery life up to 40 hours when streaming
    • A programmable toggle.
    • Streams all the audio‚Äôs through Bluetooth devices
    • In-built microphone for hands-free talking
    • Noise reduction option available
    • Clear speech signal directly to the Hearing Aids
    • Hear and answer the calls directly through Phone Clip
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